Our Prices

Massage & Bodywork

Our Massages are tailored to your needs and include essential oils and few hot stones or hot towels upon request. $20 more to book for Penelope.

Hours Standard / Penelope
1.0 $80 / $100
1.5 $110 / $130
2.0 $140 / $160
2.5 $170 / $190
3.0 $200 / $220

Hydrostone Massage

Up to 30 stones or more are massaged onto your body while others are placed as resting stones to help eliminate toxins more intensively.

$20 add-on

Salt Massage

Full and cleansing salt scrub massage.

1.0 Hour $85

Salt Chamber

This unit offers chromotherapy, heated Himalayan salt crystals and guided meditation to help the lungs and skin.

30 Minutes $45

RIFE Treatment

Sit or lie down in a tranquil candlelit room while while enjoying our beam ray RIFE generator to balance and restore your bio-energy Field which helps calm your nervous system, decrease inflammation, and help balance hormones.

1.0 Hour $20
1.5 Hours $25

Waxing & Facials

Sandy and D'Loni are private contractors within our clinic. Call them to schedule your appointment.

Energy & Chakra Balancing & Crystal Healing

Kori Carlson is a private contractor within our clinic. Call Kori at (801) 598-8507.

Holistic Health Coaching & Wellness Classes

Jamie Larrabee is a private contractor within our clinic. Call Jamie at (801) 598-8507.

Method of Payment

Cash, ALL Major Credit Cards or Paypal
No longer do Insurance billing.
Gift Certificates available at the clinic!

Massage Therapy is Tax Deductable!

Call our clinic so we may prepare a form that will include all of your Massage sessions for your taxes.
Go here for more information about deducting massage expenses from your taxes.

Your service time begins when hands are on you or after we close the door.

Healing is our priority. To make sure you get the most out of our sessions we put our prep time outside of the hours you need.

We tailer your treatment to your individual needs.

There are many modalities available to you at The Wind of Keltia. The following are some of the skills used in massage & bodywork sessions according to your needs. A single session of just one of these is rare. Let us help you find the best combination in each session to best ensure your health and wellness.

Prepaid Account Member Discounts

We love having regular customers.

Prepay $300 or more to recieve discounts on services.

  • $10 off Massage
  • $5 off RIFE Treatment
  • $5 off Salt Chamber
Contact us for more details...


First time session*

First time Massage & Bodywork clients will recieve $10 off their first session (over 1 hour service).
Try another therapist for $10 off (over 1 hour service).

Return within 6 weeks*

Return within 6 weeks to recieve $5 off your next service.

* The above two discounts may not be combined with other discounts and offers.

Pay with cash

$5 off massage transaction if you pay with cash.

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